La platine

Printing House

Offset / Letterpress direct tones& 4 color printing process

Close to home, a Printing House of character !


Our services

Since 1920 we offer our expertise to your projects



Our PAO studio can create

your visuals (illustrations, logos...),

service Pre-press composition printing house la platine

Pre-press composition

realize your complex layouts, prepare your documents before impositionn

Scan and retouch your original documents always with quality care.

Once the "ready to print" is accepted, the data files are flashed,a last control test will eliminate all problems that could have occurred during the treatment stage.

service impression printing house la platine


The print shop then takes over.

From business card size 45 x 64 cm.

our machines print on various support and grain

with 1, 2, 3 colors and 4 color printing process

service Handcraft process printing house la platine

Handcraft process

Multiple possibilities of creasing, perforation,

cutting, folding, binding...

service Shipping printing house la platine


France and Worldwide delivery via la Poste or carrier.

(even by bicycle)

depending on weight.

service Handcraft process printing house la platine

Handcraft process

Multiples possibilités de rainage, perforation,

découpe, pliage, brochage...

service Shipping printing house la platine


assurée sur la France entière, par la Poste ou par transporteur

(et même à vélo)

suivant le poids.

Handcraft printing

We print all types of documents

impression cartes commerciales entêtes enveloppes plaquettes


Business cards, headings, envelops, leaflets...

La Platine impression documents administratifs


bundles, notebooks, order forms, delivery slips, application forms...

impression affiches flyers prospectus La Platine


flyers, brochures,
advertizing leaflets,
posters, magazines...

print 3d book La Platine


drawings, photos, anthologies, poetry, monographs...

print artists work La Platine

artists work

flyers, record ad CD covers, cards decks...

impression packaging



Companies, administrations, special agencies,

advertisers, artists, designers

We offer a wide selection of special papers corresponding to all your needs.

We have been working with the same suppliers for more than twenty years and will enhance your prints by using quality Fedrigonipaper guarantying successful packaging.

Workshop releases

The Workshop

Arouse your curiosity... You will love

our machines, papers and our Scansion mechanical workshop !La Platine, sustains your eyes and ears !

logo consommez local consommez artisanal

Our Workshop obtained the honorable distinction of Arts Craftsmanship.

logo mention metiers d'art

You & Us

The team

From la platine

So, are you ready to print and roll ?

logo fedrigoni
logo antalis
logo proxipousse

A traditional local Printing House

using craftsmanship techniques.

A specific knowledge to(re)discover

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